Who Created Sustainable Choices

My name is Firinn Taisdeal, and I created Sustainable Choices.

I worked in Silicon Valley for a long time, as a software engineer and project manager. Gradually I came to understand that not only would the major ecological problems of the world not be solved by technology, but that technology was in many cases a major cause of those problems.

So much damage has been done to the natural world, and more damage is being done every day. Major parts of the natural world on which we all ultimately depend are teetering on the brink. Here is only a partial list of the vast problems humanity has created:

  1. The climate crisis
  2. The extinction crisis
  3. The deforestation crisis
  4. The plastic pollution crisis
  5. The ocean acidification crisis
  6. Soil pollution by "forever chemicals"
  7. Reduction in availabilty of fresh water across the globe
  8. Phosphogeddon

We created all these problems. We can solve them, but we have to act now, and we have to act together.