Plans for Sustainable Choices

We have big plans for Sustainable Choices. We want Sustainable Choices to become a major force for good in the world, and we want you to be part of that effort. Here are some of our plans:


For each choice, you will be able to take a pledge to implement that choice in your own life. For each pledge, you will also have the option of including information or comments about your pledge.


For each choice, you will be able to verify that you made that choice, and share with others what it was like to make implement that choice: how easy or difficult it was, how much it cost, how much it saved, and offer advice to other considering making that choice.


A dashboard will be available, showing what pledges you have taken, and what verifications you have made. For each pledge and each verification, you will be able to see the comments you have included, as well as a total of the number of people who have made those pledges and verifications. You will also have the option of sharing your dashboard with others, and will be able to see other people's dashboard if they choose to share their dashboard with you.

Social interaction

You will have the ability to communicate with others using the app, through both private messages and public bulletin boards. You will also be able to see what choices others have made, and what comments they have made about those choices.


We will be promoting Sustainable Choices in a variety of ways, including press releases, social media, and public meetings. We will also be reaching out to other organizations with similar goals, and working with them to promote Sustainable Choices.

Public meetings online

We will be holding regular public meetings online, where you can learn more about Sustainable Choices and ask questions and make suggestions, but most of all meet other people who are interested in making sustainable choices, and improving the world together.


When there is important news to report, we will be sending out a newsletter. You will be able to subscribe to the newsletter, and you will also be able to view past newsletters.