Homegrown National Park

Homegrown National Park is the largest cooperative conservation project ever conceived or attempted. It is a cooperative project dedicated to improving biodiversity and eco-health by planting native plants and removing invasive plants. Their goal is to encourage property owners to convert the same acreage as the National Park system of the United States, 84 millions acres, back to a natural condition.

Earth 911

Earth911 is a recycling database, with a number of different ideas and strategies to reduce waste and make the most of what you have. They also have a number of articles and podcast episodes about different environmental issues and ways to make adjustments in your daily life to contribute to an ongoing effort to preserve and restore the health of our planet.

Canary Media

Canary Media is a newsroom that focuses on clean energy, and the global shift to replacing harmful practices with better alternatives. They focus on what progress is being made, and where there is still room to grow, looking at changes in business practices, technology, and many other contributing factors.

Decarbonize Your Life

Decarbonize Your Life is dedicated to providing guidance and instruction on how to progress towards producing net zero carbon emissions in your daily life. They share information about the significance of decarbonizing your life, and even have a simplified roadmap that breaks down smaller and larger adjustments you can make.

Happy Eco News

Happy Eco News is a newsroom that focuses on the positive changes being made in the world, and the progress being made towards a more sustainable future. They have a number of articles about different projects and initiatives, and they also have a podcast.


Commons is a tool to become more aware of your carbon footprint. The Commons app can be used to keep track of your emissions or the ways you are offsetting those emissions, also including resources to help you find simple ways to make adjustments to your lifestyle and habits to reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Cookers International

Solar Cookers International provides solar cookers to communities in need, reducing the harm of cooking with polluting fuels both for the planet and for the community. They provide information on how to contribute to that effort financially or through advocacy.

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted uses donations to fund their team's efforts to plant trees around the globe. They will also keep you updated on the impact your donations will have as trees are planted on your behalf.

Electrify Now

Electrify Now provides information and suggestions about switching to electric-powered systems for transportation, appliances in your home and elsewhere to make a shift towards cleaner energy. The site also includes real stories of people who have made these changes, and what their experiences have been.